Royal Post is a post-production facility based in Paris, delivering world-class editing, color grading and visual effects for commercials, music videos, fictions and documentaries.

We take a very active approach to production, from the concept design all the way to final delivery.

Our goal is to deliver high-end contents to you.


Founded in 2004, Royal Post was Partizan’s in-house post-production service as Partizan Lab before becoming autonomous. From this proud heritage, we are constantly seeking to push always further our knowledge to give some advice or recommendation in order to offer our clients tailor-made and quality services.

We are the house of talented creatives, technicians and freelance specialists in post-production.

That's why, we believe every project is a partnership, so we provide creative and technical support to clients, agencies and production teams through every step. Our teams handle every aspects of your project from concept design, pre-viz, on-set supervision, 2D compositing, 3D animation, to color grading.


Based in Paris’ 2nd arrondissement, we are in the heart of « la Ville Lumière », a living and cosmopolitan place. That’s why, our office is the spot where creators and technicians can easily work together to create world-class contents which amaze and inspire the audiovisual sector.