Peugeot | 2008 Crossover

Directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet


The new « Crossover » of Peugeot transports you, thanks to director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet talent, between canyon and skyscrapers. The city is a reflection of New York and the desert is Moroccan Ouarzazate’s one where the shooting took place in 2013.
Peugeot advertising campaign always revolves around surprising movies, which inventiveness and aesthetic quality are the watchwords.
The special effects, conducted in collaboration with Mikros Image due to extremely short deadlines, make us dive in a universe at the crossroad of city and western, where limit between these two territories seems to fade. Royal Post edited and color graded this movie, and also did part of the matte paintings. We did the 3D road replacements, on which this hybrid vehicle rolls, to match Paris streets.
Post-producer: Brice Colinet
Vfx Supervisor: Julien Hery
2D Artists: Fabrice Fernandez, Julien Hery,
Colourist: Didier Le Fouest

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